Pretty Little Liars star speaks about “A”

#PLL star Brandon Jones visits Ms. Dryden’s class Thursday, March 26

Reagan Clay, Reporter

Five seasons in, 120 episodes later, we finally know who “A” is. A very long, overdue wait is finally over, but is it? The winter finale was on Tuesday, March 24 and many fans were left with new questions.

Brandon Jones, known as Andrew Campbell from Pretty Little Liars, came to Des Moines North High School on March 26. He discussed many topics, one including his role on the hit TV show.

Of course the first question the students asked was, “Do you know who ‘A’ is?” Jones responded with, “You guys are not going to believe me when I say this but nobody knows. I think the writers are the only ones that know. But I hope I’m ‘A’ because that would be pretty awesome.”

Jones has had a “minor” part in the series thus far but talk over night from fans has made him a possible suspect for “A” or whom people are calling “Charles”. “Everyone believes it’s me but I honestly don’t know,” explained Jones.

In fact, Jones shared that the script is a big secret. “We get one script at a time about three days before we start shooting. It’s online and we can’t print it out or anything. We have about four hours to memorize it.”

The #BigAReveal has left the Internet crazy. Who’s Charles? Since when did Jason have a twin? Is Andrew part of the “A Team” or just an eavesdropping creep?

There are far too many theories out there to comprehend. One theory is that Andrew is actually Jason’s twin and thus Charles. It could also be one of his costars.

Speaking on his closest costar, Jones mentions the character of Spencer, played by Troian Bellisario.

“Troian is super nice and well-educated. She knows about a lot of things and that makes her interesting to talk to,” said Jones.

Jones described the cast as nice but also explained how they have to be in a career such as TV acting. “You have to be nice and flexible because if you’re not, you’re out.”

Los Angeles, California, has a population of about 10 million people, all trying to pursue the same occupation, stardom. So you can imagine how hard it is to maintain a job in LA, right?

Jones has been acting for six years now but has been the most successful the last four years. He has been casted in Killer Reality, Born to Race, The Fosters, and Pretty Little Liars, of course.

You can find out if Andrew Campbell, aka Brandon Jones, is “A” in the summer opener in mid-June. But as the past five seasons show, plot twists are common and the supposed “A” identity can be passed on to someone else.