What Does Hybrid Learning Term 2 at North Look Like?

Q&A with Principal Graeber

Alyssa Bales, Staff Writer

On the Nov. 10, North High School will be changing to a hybrid learning model. Here are some things to expect. Principal Benjamin Graeber said many things to make the transition better understood.

Q: What should students expect when walking into North day 1 of term 2?
A:Students should expect to enter a warm, caring environment. We have not seen most students since March 13 in person and we are incredibly excited to work together again. Things will be different – they have to be – but we strive to be better. We are not returning to ‘normal’ – we want to return to spaces that continue to grow and evolve. We want to have rich, meaningful relationships with all students. We are working on becoming an anti-racist institution and we want to know when we are falling short of that mission. 



Q: How many students are going hybrid and how many are going virtual?
A: “About 450 students will be at North on Mon/Tues (and every/other Wed).  About 450 students will be at North on Th/Fri (and every/other Wed). About 540 North students have selected to be 100% virtual for Term 2.”


Q: Will breakfast still be served?
A: “We will from 8-8:20 each morning.  


Q: Will drinking fountains be in use?
A: “Only two water bottle filler stations will be turned on.” 


Q: How will bathrooms be set up for students?
Boys bathrooms will have some [every other stall] separation, but I am not 100% on if we will in the girls’ bathrooms.” 


Q: How will students transition through classes? 
We have decided that hallways will look pretty normal in terms of their flow. The #1 thing is masks – all students and staff, all the time. With only 450 students in the building each day, it will feel different – and it will be different.” 



Q: How many students will there be per classroom?
A: “There will be about 10 students per room per day. We are still working on the master schedule, but this is the goal. Some rooms will have 5 and others may have 15 – a few elective classes like orchestra, for example.”


Q: How will teachers’ classrooms look? 
A: “There will be rows and we will all face the same direction. Seating charts will be required.”


Q: What does Hybrid learning look like?
A: “You will attend North two days a week and alternating Wednesdays. During that time, you will attend four classes each day. In-person instruction will provide new material, differentiation opportunities, lab-based activities, and assessments. Students may also be working on CANVAS during this time. For the other days of the week, you will learn off-site and/or attend Central Campus one day, if applicable.” 


Q: Any other advice for returning to hybrid learning?
A:You will be in class at North 2-3 days per week, 90-95 minutes in each class. Since face-to-face instruction will be condensed into 9-week terms, it is very important to be on time and be ready to learn.”



Research shows that wearing masks and social distancing greatly reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

  • Therefore, students, staff and visitors are REQUIRED to wear masks that cover both mouth and nose AT ALL TIMES while on campus unless explicitly designated breaks such as breakfast and lunch.  
  • Face shields are NOT a suitable replacement for masks. You can also wear a face shield; however, a mask must be worn under the shield per guidelines.
  • No gaiters or handkerchiefs are allowed – CDC does not count them as a proper face covering
  • If you choose not to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave North for the day and possibly be moved to Virtual Campus for the remainder of Term 2.

Term 2 is going to look a lot different than normal school because it has to; don’t expect to be able to sit next to friends at lunch or breakfast. It’s key to keep your mask on. We, at DM North Media, hope you are safe and that this article helps ease the worry about the upcoming second term.