Class Day 2022

Celebrating seniors one last time at 501 Holcomb Ave

DM North Media, Staff

On Friday, May 27, the class of 2022 was celebrated at Class Day in the North High School gym from 9-10:30 a.m. with awards, scholarships, speeches, and cords.

Senior Class President Training Tarlue welcomed everybody to Class Day 2022 with a few words of encouragement and celebration.

Zane Kirsch gave the Class Day speech and spoke about his memorable time at North, including a shoutout to Mrs. Melissa Daniels, English teacher, and Taylor Swift. He went on to speak about surviving the pandemic together virtually and in person and adjusting to all that life has thrown at his class.

Melisa Mwenyi spoke briefly and announced the Momentos portion of the ceremony, where students representing all activities and clubs at North brought up an item to add to a collage building on the front table by the stage. This is to remember the fun and collaboration of what students and their passions bring to North and its community.

There were 225 graduates of the class of 2022.

Photos by Isaura Constantine and Madie LaRue