Hybrid Precautions and Expectations

Nurse Kruse helps us prepare to be safe at school


Amanda George, Staff Writer

Going into hybrid schooling, following CDC and IDPH guidelines is extremely important to keep students and staff at North healthy and safe. So, what does this mean?

I reached out to the school nurse, Terri Kruse, to get information on new health precautions implemented into an average school day starting Nov. 10. This is a brief update so keep a close eye on CNXT for more information. All the following information came directly from Kruse.

  • DMPS has issued a mask mandate to be allowed in the school. Gator masks or handkerchiefs are not allowed as they are not as protective as the standard style of masks. Masks must be work properly over the nose and chin with no gaps at the sides of the masks. Students and staff must also maintain a 6-feet distance from those around them.
  • Bring water bottles! Water fountains have been disconnected to prevent spreading Covid, water bottle filling stations will still be available to use.
  • If students become sick, or someone they have come in contact with has tested positive, please call the attendance office to let them know. They must turn the number of absences due to sickness in Polk County Health for tracking during this pandemic so proper measures can be taken to keep the public as healthy as possible. If you are sick, please stay home until your symptoms are gone!
  • Students will need their teachers to schedule appointments with the nurse to be able to come to her office. This helps to prevent unnecessary traffic in and out of the nurse’s office. Any students who comes to the nurse’s office with Covid symptoms will be sent home. They will rest in an isolation room near the nurse where they will be monitored until parents can come pick them up. It is important families pick students up soon after they are called to prevent the spreads to other students and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are set up throughout the school for keeping hands clean. Feminine hygiene products will be given to students by teachers instead of the nurse. Lunch time and hallway passing will follow spacing guidelines. Spacing is especially important during lunch since no masks will be worn.
  • Stay 6 feet apart, wear properly fitting masks, wash your hands frequently, stay home when sick and call if you are sick. Please follow directions of teachers and staff to keep yourselves, others, and families healthy. Be cooperative in following directions of staff during this difficult year, they will be doing their best to keep everyone healthy. During hybrid, the cooperation of students and staff is vital in order to follow every guideline possible, however, health is not guaranteed to those attending school. We need teamwork, patience, and understanding to protect each other during this difficult time!