Why was Homecoming so early this year?

Rayshawna Collier, Reporter

A lot of people wondered and complained about why Homecoming was so early. We started school on the 26th of August so we had 16 days to prepare for homecoming, which was on September 12. Being a girl that is very stressful and over whelming.

The first thing I thought about was what dress was I going  buy, how I was going to do my makeup and hair, and most importantly who I was going to go with. If you want to stand out with a really nice dress, most likely you want to order it online, which may take up to two weeks and if that’s the case you don’t have enough time to buy a new one if you don’t like the one you ordered.

Also, you have to think about where to eat or decide on a place if you’re going with another group or a couple and where you’re going to get the money for all of it. A lot goes into planning and a little more than two weeks isn’t enough time. Although many people found ways to make it work and have fun it felt very rushed.

So why was Homecoming so soon? Vice Principal Eddie McCulley said that administration gets to decide the date of homecoming. They decide to have homecoming on the twelfth because on the eleventh North played Hoover and they wanted to choose a team that North could possibly beat. Although North didn’t, that was the plan.

Also, administration decided to have it this early because it’s still kind of warm out and the eleventh was Alumni Night, so North was having a big tailgate. The administration only wanted to have a great homecoming weekend, and although homecoming was so soon it looked like everyone had fun.