Summer with Covid 19

Summer with Covid 19

Hsar Tray, Staff Writer


Just because a new virus came out does not mean, oh wait a virus Everyone get in lockdown mode. That was the first thing everyone else thought, but instead America did nothing. At the time most people were unsure of this virus thing that was popping up. Most people didn’t even know it was a virus at the beginning.

Covid had a rough start to summer, for example sports like basketball, football, and soccer were all cancel due to this virus. ”The change was rapid, more than more than 250,000 cases were up within the first three months of the year “Washington Post, These cases were only in Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. Cases were popping up left and right. These were mostly cases and luckily not deaths yet, but the more the news covered this more and more people were cautious for there own sake. Even the medical field wasn’t prepared for this, they were shocked some might say. Most industry slow down due to the lockdown and lack of workers. Which meant the first couple days of summer was just hanging out with your parents or taking in the swarm of news about the coronavirus. Early summer wasn’t the best some might say. Safety was the priority at that time.

The second phase of the summer was much better. The medical side was way more improved, example people were volunteering to give masks to people, or small things like how some companies gave a out free


food. For our side, Iowa school districts started to give out free food for anyone who came by. That was one of the most exciting events that happened so far during the summer was free food. Yes, to continue through the second phase of summer was parks were

starting open back up. Regular parks and the infamous Adventureland Park opened backed up, June 5, 2020. This was exciting news for some, remember the whole summer we were still in a pandemic. Was it really worth your heath to go ride the monster, or just go to a normal park and be able to still be six feet apart and still have a good time? Yes, Adventureland was still following rules of mask, social distancing, etc. This does not mean you still couldn’t have caught it. Everyone was properly bored at home, but staying home this summer was the new norm to most all of us.

As summer was coming to a end more things were back to some what it’s normal state. Restaurants were able to open up take out small business got there check from the past months of forced closing, and worse of all schools started to come up in conversations. Another thing that crossed mines was how was school going to work or look like. Yes, summer was scaring, weird, and even boring at some point, but this summer would stick to us all due to everything that happened during our lovely summer break.