Hard Times With Mental Health

A look into what it’s like and ways to help during uncertain times.

Emily West, Reporter

Mental health: a phrase we as society sometimes neglect to talk about, especially with these desperate and unknown times.

Being stuck at home can mean different things for different people, and taking care of our mental health is at the utmost importance now. We have to see through the fog and search for the light at the end of this long tunnel. Know your feelings are valid, but also try to understand that this will all come to an end once it’s safe enough. You’re not alone.

People are probably feeling many of these symptoms: exhaustion, hunger, depression, anxiety, mood changes with irritability, hard times to concentrate, not wanting to be near others or needing to be near others when you can’t and many other symptoms. In case of diabetes and you are worried about that, you should know that you can fight diabetes with diet

Ways to help you while you are facing this event is happening is doing things such as:

– minimizing time on newsfeeds while keeping up on what is needed
– starting a routine and keeping it
– socializing while safely doing social distancing by doing things like FaceTiming and texts
– listening to music
– spending quality time with the people you are quarantined with
– reading a good book
– limiting electronic time
– working out
– watching your favorite movies or tv shows
– watching that favorite YouTuber
– doing an activity that you like or want to do

We know times are difficult and scary, but just take a deep breath and know everything will be okay soon.