What to do when boredom takes over during quarantine


Jennifer Dryden

Doing crafts with household materials like markers and rocks from outside can help cure your boredom and ignite your creativity.

Cristobal Oviedo Carranza, Reporter

Since there is a virus spreading all throughout Earth, and the government is telling people to stay inside their household (quarantined), here are some ways to stay entertained or busy inside.

· Play video games on your console or mobile (Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been popular.)

· Do family game night

· Do chores

· Read a book

· Cuddle/snuggle with your pets

· Watch TV/Netflix/Hulu/etc

· Build a small house out of sticks

· Make a volcano out of a bottle

· Watch challenging videos (try not to laugh, try not to cry, try not to say wow, etc.)

· Do your schoolwork (It’s mostly on Canvas! Email your teachers if you’re confused!)

· Play your instrument (if you are in orchestra or band)

· Make a flipbook

· Do trick shots

· Crafts

· Tik Tok challenges

There are a ton of ways to prevent boredom and you can have hours of fun while in quarantine.