Opening Night: First Varsity Home Game


Mya Alexander

At the tailgate, many students got their face painted showing their school spirit.

Mya Alexander, Managing Editor

On Friday September 1st, it was a day filled with firsts. Not only did we have the first rally of the year, but we also had our first tailgate followed with our first home varsity game.

At 2:05pm the North High gymnasium was slowly filling with student body. The rally started with all the fall sports walking across the gym for seniors to get recognized, along with help from the Polar Bear Crew. The famous part of any pep rally at North High, is musical chairs. With volunteers from each grade level and Mr. Johnson playing, the game was full of hype and came down to only one winner, a sophomore representative. Musical chairs was then followed by the scavenger hunt game, the North High cheerleaders routine, and finished out with the spirit stick competition. As cheerleaders spread out to their grade level sections, the tension in the gym becomes palpable. Many would think it is the Class of 2018 to win the spirit stick, but in recent history the Class of 2019 has won. This upset has lead to a build up of hype each time the opportunity arises for the Class of 2018 to reclaim their spirit stick. As each grade went through showing our panel of “judges” (North faculty) their battle cry, the class of 2019 once again, was the loudest.

The day then went on to a tailgate put together by the Polar Bear Crew. In the courtyard there were many options for fun such as giant jenga, and bean bag toss. There was also music to dance to, free hotdogs, and free T-shirts for all freshman to welcome them to the first of their high school festivities. At a North High tailgate, something that everyone does is get green and pink face paint to show school spirit. From the lines under the eyes to their favorite players number on their cheek, the student section was ready for the game.

While students were at the tailgate, players were in the locker room getting their heads right for the game that night.  Music was blaring the football players’ favorite songs as they were getting dressed and getting ready. In the locker room people were bouncing around to the beat of the music while singing to each other, this was their version of pre-game ritual. After a few songs and some on the field practice there was just minutes before the game started and it was time for the motivational message from the coaches. As coach Bearing says “Who’s house?”, the team eagerly responds, “Our house!”. At 7:30pm, the North High polar bears were on the line with the Sioux City West Wolverines.

The polar bears were off to a great start in the first quarter, being the first ones to score, the student section was going crazy. As the game went on the polar bears failed to score again as the wolverines responded with heat. The halftime show consisted of the North High band debuting their brand new uniforms, and the Harding football players getting recognized for a great season. When halftime was over, the polar bears’ came out ready to revive themselves on the field. Once again the wolverines came back with more touchdowns that lead the polar bears to a defeat of 44-6.

Watch the polar bears Friday, September 15th as they take on the East High scarlets at North.