Seniors are honored on Class Day 2017


Class Day starts with the ceremony for the class of 2017 including speeches and students receiving cords and medallions to be worn at the graduation ceremony.

Mya Alexander, Features Co-Editor

On the morning of Friday, May 26, many seniors woke up knowing that that day was their last day of high school, Class Day. At 7:30 a.m. the North High gym started filling with family and friends of the class of 2017. By 8:30 the underclassmen were released into the gym and the seniors walked in with the cap and gowns on. The ceremony consisted of speeches from Julio Delgadillo, Principal Michael Vukovich, and class president Harry Nguyen followed with the presentation of awards and cords to be worn at the graduation ceremony. After all names were called up to reserve their medallion, it was time for the seniors to leave their momentos. As senior Cheyann Neades read off the activity groups, one-by-one students left everything from a gavel for debate to the spirit stick for Polar Bear Senate. At the end of it all, every student was given lunch catered by Hy-Vee and the rest of the day was filled with their choice of games and activities. The teachers overtook the students in the basketball game that ended the day.