Gateway to the World – Prom 2015

Prom King Arturo Hernandez and Prom Queen Iliana Castillo.

Saturday, May 2, the lights and beautified attendees danced across the floor at the Des Moines Social Club downtown. Nearly 250 people attended prom, and about 150 attended Post Prom at North.

The prom theme was Gateway to the World and many cardboard cutouts and decorations depicted iconic landmarks such as Paris’ Eiffel Tower, New York’s Statue of Liberty and a Japanese temple. The tickets were a highlight leading up to prom and were finally stamped upon arrival. Many students chose to keep their tickets as a memento.

Arturo Hernandez, senior, and Iliana Castillo, senior, won prom king and queen, which was announced around 10 p.m.

Dancing and walking out to cool down outside were popular happenings all night.