Winter to spring closet transformation

Cheyann Neades, Creative Arts Editor

Ahh, spring. Something most Iowans have been waiting for. The snow melts, the grass begins to brighten and all you hear is the sound of high pitched bird chirping.

But the outdoors isn’t the only thing transforming, so are your outfits.

Since we haven’t experienced the feeling of warm weather in a little while, here are some ways to branch out your style for the upcoming spring time.

Layers- We all know cardigans were our best friends this past season, but as the cold begins to fade, replenish with three-quarter length or just short sleeve cardigans instead. These can allow you to shed the top layer once it hits a summer lime forecast.
Colors- Throughout the freezing temperatures and long snowstorms, you most likely were wearing dull and harsh colors, but now as the flowers begin to bloom you can begin to pull out all of your bright and blinding clothing pieces. Pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, and even pastel versions of these colors all compliment the warm weather. Not only do these look great on your textiles but also on your nails and jewelry statement pieces which can complete any and every look.

Patterns- To incorporate a variety of shades, add patterns into your wardrobe! There’s nothing wrong with floral, polka dots or even chevron every once and awhile, especially since they can put a little flavor into your common outfits and create a different outlook for them.

Textures- Spring is one of those seasons where you can combine several different pieces you wore throughout the other seasons, depending on how you incorporate them and how they turn out all together. Items such as leather jackets, silk-like shirts and blazers can allow more personality to be put into your style. Also lace is a simple addition to any outfit and gives it more of a spring flare.

No matter what you wear and how you tie your pieces together, remember to always be confident, express yourself and have fun with it because that’s all that matters!