Aminah Lothi, Fashion Editor.

I understand that the way you present yourself and the way people see you is very important. It’s like a first impression, you know? Me, personally, I care about how I look and what people say about me, what people think but at the same time I don’t. People are always judging whether it’s good or bad.


People judge you, from the way that you talk, the way that you walk and of course by the way that you look. It sucks but that how society is nowadays, you know?


From Twitter, to Tumblr, to Instagram, actually, to real life, you see so many people talking about how a woman should be, how a woman should act, what kind of clothes woman should wear, the amount of make up woman should wear.


“Why do you wear so much make up?”

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“Why do you talk like that?”

“Why do you act like that?”


Yes, I wear a lot of make up. Yes, I try to dress up everyday. Yes, I am sassy. Yes, I am girly, Yes I am a little ditzy and but yes, I am still smart.


Although, I act like I don’t know and I don’t really extend my brain as far as I should, I know. I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m saying, I know where I am going with my life. I just don’t feel like I have to explain the way I act and the way I present myself to anybody.


People shouldn’t be judged off of the side that they choose to. There are deeper characteristics than what you can see. You don’t know someone off of the little things that are presented, remember that others are human and so are you, everyone is their own person and nobody is perfect.