Fashion advice for Prom 2015!

Aminah Lothi, Fashion Editor.

It’s about that time! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the leaves are coming back and you’re feeling good! It’s also prom time! Yes, it’s already that close. If you didn’t know, prom is on May 2nd at the Social Club, downtown! You have about a month but let’s be real, you actually really have about 2 weeks to get everything done. Time is literally flying, before you know it it’s going to be time for you to graduate (I mean, unless you’re a junior and that sucks for you.)


I have a few tips updated tips for you, if you haven’t read my do’s and don’ts from last year, you can find them on our website at!


Let’s start off with your dress! I know some girls love to browse online for some dresses and they fall in love with the ones that they see but, I suggest that you go to a store to figure out your size first of all, you don’t want to just guest on a size because you never know, not all dresses fit the same (obviously), but you know what I mean, I also suggest that if you see a dress online that you like, you should definitely look for something with the same style or the same color, just to see if the color washes you out or if the style fits your body type because some dresses don’t fit on others. (and those girls are freakin’ models!)


Along with the dresses, I know ball gowns are super pretty and you feel like a princess in it but really.. I don’t think they’re appropriate for prom. (Not knocking your style, this is just my opinion. I just don’t think you’d be able to have fun on the dance floor with layers and layers of tulle hanging from your body! The dance floor will get really hot and you just won’t have fun. Don’t get me wrong, they are beyond beautiful for pictures and all but I just feel like you should maybe save that for a bigger night!


A lot of girls are really into getting tan for prom because you know, it’s getting warmer and you do need to glow on your big night! I just don’t suggest spray tans, (no offense to people who do spray tan) some people just get really orange and patchy by the time prom rolls around! I suggest maybe regular tanning, or self-tanning yourself so you can make sure you’re touching up as much as you can. Self-tanning at home is also a very cheaper alternative! Just make sure you don’t want to over do it!


Overall, I just think you should have fun! I know it’s one of the days you’ve been waiting for! Also, you should just be confident in what you’re wearing! Strut your stuff and be fabulous! It’s your night and you should enjoy it as much as you can! It’s your last school dance so, don’t let anything ruin it! See all of you there or you’re lame!