Pros and Cons of Online Shopping in a pandemic


Sofia-Ana May Rivero, Staff Writer


With Covid-19 continuing, a lot of us have turned to online shopping. According to “online shopping rates have gone up thirty percent compared to last year’s sales.” A lot of people feel this is going to change the way we shop forever. Which is a reasonable claim considering it’s a faster way to shop, you can multitask while shopping, and do it all in the comfort of your home. So far, we are also being told it is a lot safer to shop online. It’s unlikely that Covid-19 would survive on your purchased items from the time you purchased to the time you receive your package, especially with the slow in delivery also caused by Covid-19. While there are many pros of online shopping there are also a lot of cons. As of now a lot of businesses are still experiencing supply shortage issues.

It’s been reported that some stores may struggle with inventory demands all the way into next year. This is mostly with groceries, you can expect to see: beef, milk, eggs, and produce come In and out of stock at random times. This makes it even harder to shop online because the stuff you need may not be in stock. Another con is that it can be complicated to navigate the apps and sites. According to “approximately fifty percent of potential sales are lost due to shoppers not being able to navigate the apps or find what they are looking for.”

With these points being addressed, how do you feel about online shopping? Do you feel the pros outweigh the cons? Make sure to let us know by taking the poll on our Instagram @DMNORTHMEDIA.