Lights, Camera, Fashion

Central Campus Fashion and Merchandise Program hosts 15th annual Fashion Show

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Lights, Camera, Fashion

Cheyann Neades

Cheyann Neades

Cheyann Neades

Cheyann Neades, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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April 27, 2017 at 7pm and April 28, 2017 10am and 11:45am were the three showings of the 15 annual Central Campus Fashion Show hosted by the Fashion Design and Merchandise Program directed by teacher Tracy Holland. The shows were in the auditorium filled with lights, cameras, projectors and fast-paced music.

The show consisted of outfits from the categories of Urban wear, Evening wear, Children’s wear, Lounge wear, Prom and Avant Garde. Each second-year Fashion member senior had collections with clothing designed specifically by them throughout the year. The 18 Senior Collections included:

Collections are in order of name, grade and title of clothing collection.

Jessica Bahnsen (Lincoln)-“Carefree”

Abshiro Bokicha (East)-“Modern Heritage”

Gabrielle Gordon (Roosevelt)-“Fusion”

Olivia Griffin (Roosevelt)-“Phresh Out the Runway”

Isabella Formaro (Lincoln)-“Set in Stone”

Daniela Garcia (East)-“Hermosa Divina”

Jason Makohoniuk (Waukee)-“Limitless”

Keely Mom (East)-“L’Amour”

Mackenzie Johnson (Roosevelt)-“Disorder”

Julie Le (Hoover)-“So. Chic”

Steven Nguyen (East)-“Take it to the street”

Keren Carmenatte (Hoover)-“Midnight Ruby”

Melisa Nouchanthavong (East)-“Uniquely Quirky”

Grace Lundquist (Ankeny)-“Underground Sky”

Cassia Wilkins (Lincoln)-“Simply Chic”

Elaine Greiner (Roosevelt)-“Antiquity”

Jordyn Johnson (East)-“Karma Chameleon”

Lexi Stumpf (Lincoln)-“Precious Metals”

To end the 2017 Fashion Show, guest designer Nash Gilley, who is a Lincoln High School and Central Campus Fashion alumnus and works in Los Angeles, California as the Men’s & Women’s Product Developer at the brand Baldwin came to visit. Her ending segment involved the Central Campus Fashion students modeling a variety of denim bottoms, jackets and other forms of apparel designed by Gilley throughout her career at Baldwin.

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